Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a questions about pattern digitizing, grading or the sewn development process not addressed in this list, please don’t hesitate to call us at 312-226-8087 or email We are generally available Monday – Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm.

Is there a charge if I drop off and pick up?

Of course not! We may even offer you a cup of tea.

Do you print the finished work?

Yes. We can print your finished work anywhere from 24-62″ on our in house plotters and printers.  Please refer to our Printing / Plotting and Marker Making tabs on the services page for pricing information.

If my pattern piece is mirrored, should I send a full or half piece?

Half please, so we can be certain that both sides match exactly.  If you send both sides we will generally fold the piece in half unless otherwise indicated.  If your “symmetric” piece is really not symmetric at all we will ask if you want us to clean to clean things up or digitize exactly as is.

Will you make sure my ||straight|| lines are perfectly straight?

Yes, but you must specify on the pattern piece which segment should be perfectly straight.  We will not make assumptions about what should or should not be straight.  We digitize patterns EXACTLY as they come in unless otherwise indicated and agreed upon prior to work starting.

What is your standard turnaround time?

Our standard turnaround time for digitizing and/or grading is 5 business days (excluding weekends and holidays) from the day we receive ALL parts of your project. If you need your pattern sooner, we are generally able to accommodate these requests for an up-charge based on your time requirements. You will need to indicate how soon the pattern is needed and we will make arrangements with you from there to discuss the up-charge. *This is an estimate based on 1-3 patterns at a time.  Larger orders or patterns with highly technical and/or excessive pieces may take longer.

Will you make modifications to my patterns?

Only if you want us to! There will be no modifications made to your patterns whatsoever unless you specifically direct us to do so. Additional charges may apply. You must be certain that your pattern pieces are correct. Pattern pieces will be digitized exactly as they are received. If there is a mistake in the original pattern, it will still be there in the newly digitized pattern. If you are concerned that your pattern is not perfect, we are happy to help sort out the problems, but it must be confirmed ahead of time.

What information do you need on my pattern?

We will include the following information on each pattern piece IF YOU INCLUDE IT.  Desired pattern information should be recorded on every piece you want the information on (or on a piece of paper attached to the piece in the event the pattern piece is too small). This includes:

  1. Designer’s Name
  2. Style or Code
  3. Pattern Piece (i.e. Center Front Bodice Self)
  4. Number of pieces in the pattern (i.e. 1 of 8)
  5. Cut information
  6. Grainline direction
  7. Notches
  8. Any additional information you would like recorded on your pattern
    (i.e. If a segment needs to be perfectly straight and you are unsure your pattern piece is perfectly straight please clearly mark the segment on your pattern piece)
Do you include Seam Allowances?

Yes and No.  If you include and indicate them, so do we.  If you don’t include them, neither do we.  But, if you don’t include them and would like them included we are happy to add them in. You must indicate this ahead of time and for all places you would like them added as well as how much Seam Allowance you would like for any given side.

Are Internal Elements such as pockets, buttons, button holes, applique or artwork included on my pattern pieces?

Yes. We digitize EXACTLY as we receive your work. Please be sure that any internal elements you would like included are clearly marked on your pattern pieces.  *We reserve the right to charge our standard hourly rate of $65 per hour for excessive internal information.

Can you help me figure out my grading?

Of course! Whatever pattern you submit for grading will be considered the base size from which we will grade up and down. You must clearly mark what size you are submitting as your base size on your pattern pieces.  From there, we are happy to help you figure out what your growth should be.

What if I already know what I want my grading to be?

Fantastic! If you have a specific size chart that you work from, you must include this with your pattern.

What is a Marker?

A Marker is your road map to saving money on fabric, cut costs and quality control.  Once you know what you need to produce, we will lay out your pattern piece based on your quantities and the cuttable width of your fabric.  This way, your cutter knows exactly what needs to be cut and has the most efficient way to cut everything to eliminate fabric waste.  Alternatively, if you know how much fabric you have an just need to know what you can produce, Markers can allow you to work backwards and figure out your possible units.  Please refer to “Marker Marking” Under the Services page for more information.

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Have a Question?

If you have a question, please contact us today via phone or email. If you are ready to place your work order, please click here.

    How Do I Get My Patterns To You?

    After receiving your work order invoice and paying your deposit, please submit a (1) hard copy of your pattern, (2) a tracing of your pattern OR (3) an emailed PDF. 5 day turn-around begins when we receive ALL work order parts. No work will begin before this.

    Option 1: Hard Copy or Tracing of Your Patterns
    1. Ship in Reusable Tube Mailer: We suggest shipping your pattern to us in a reusable tube mailer we can use to ship your pattern back. (We try to be as eco-friendly as possible)
    2. Mail Pattern, Work Order and Size Chart: Mail everything together, along with a copy of the work order and size chart, if applicable. To ship please email us at or give us a call at 312-226-8087.
    3. Or, Drop Off Your Pattern: We are located in the West Loop of Chicago. Pattern Drop-offs need to be scheduled ahead of time as there is no direct access to the building. To schedule a drop off please email us at or give us a call at 312-226-8087.
    4. Use Pencil or Fine Tip Pen: For traced patterns, please use a pencil or fine tip pen. DO NOT USE A SHARPIE. The smaller the traced line, the more accurate the digitized pattern.
    1. PDFs Must Be To Scale: When you scan your pieces, save to PDF exactly to scale. If saved as JPGs, files will not be to scale and can not be used. It can either be a whole PDF or broken into 8.5″ x 11″ pages.
    2. Make a 1″ Square Box On Each Page: This ensures everything is exactly to scale. No work will begin work until everything has been submitted to scale.
    3. Mark Page Placement Alphanumerically: For multi page files, mark page placement alphanumerically in each 1″ square box (i.e. the 1″ square in the 3rd piece of the second row should read “B3”).
    4. FTP Upload Link: Once we receive a work order, we will send an invoice for the deposit. The invoice will include a link for payment and a link for email and FTP uploads.

    We reserve the right to charge up to $2 per 8 1/2″ x 11″ page for printing and arranging pages.

    Do You Still Have Questions?

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